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Extra Virgin Olive Oil L'Acropoli

The Sbaraglia family have cultivated olives for decades in a magical place, the Alatri hills, that have always produced fragrant, unique oil. Once upon a time, the olives were gathered by hand, with the help of tall ladders and characteristic woven baskets. They were then squeezed in the ancient stone oil presses, whose millstone was turned by a pair of mules. Since then, the Sbaraglia Oil Mill (Frantoio Sbaraglia) has been slowly renovated and modernised to keep up with the times, but it stills offers the same oil from the old days.
Frantoio Sbaraglia produces a top quality, typical Ciociaria extra virgin oil.

Alatri city of oil

The Acropoli
The "pizzale" of Acropoli



olive oil of superior quality, obtained from olives by mechanical methods. A tasty oil, suitable for seasoning.
An ingredient suitable for preparing each dish highlighting flavors.